Our Mission is to offer a sustainable living facility where people can comfortably enjoy, appreciate and learn from nature.  
Estado Natural Ecolodge is a small business created to share and support  sustainable lifestyles, healthy living and nature-related activities.  It is place to disconnect yourself from modern life and into a simpler but richer world full of natural sounds, aromas, tropical birds, ocean waves, soothing tropical air.
Growing out of a pristine beach between a mangrove lagoon and the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea in northern Colombia, Estado Natural has taken roots like a red-mangrove tree. What began years ago as an unlikely seedling, an idea, out of pure idealism, has now materialized into a "small is beautiful” place where people can stay in cabana-style bohios and enjoy living with nature. More than another eco-lodge, Estado Natural is a nature retreat that hopefully will teach you something.
We want to encourage the creation of similar projects in Colombia, which is in dire need of environmentally and socially friendly projects.
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