On-going Programs

EstadoNatural supports and promotes the conservation of nature, particularly of mangrove estuaries and lagoons, coral reefs and tropical dry forest, all of which are found in this region. We use local guides and entrepreneurs as subcontractors to develop a real ecotourism business that benefits local communities and does not destroy the environment.

Guardianes de la Naturaleza

We support local environmental education through our flagship program Guardianes de la Naturaleza, which teaches local children and young people to become guardians of their own environment.  This program has benefited many local children and the environment.     

Eco Living  

Our bohios or rustic cabanas are built with local materials, harvested in a sustainable manner, using local craftsmanship and knowledge. Materials include wood from mango, coconut and mangrove trees; driftwood, palm frond for roof tops, bamboo, corozo palm (lata), rocks from local query, and others natural fibers and lianas. 

We use waterless toilets that are simple, clean and do not pollute underground water.

We have a recycle program that produces very little waste.  We are planning to use solar energy in all our facilities by the end of 2012.
We have planted hundreds of mangrove trees and other native species to help reforest part of a mangrove lagoon, which we protect.

Volunteer Program

Estado Natural Ecolodge and Guardianes de la Naturaleza are currently working on a volunteer program that  will be available in 2011.  
Send us an email for more info.  

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