Colombia is truly unique in one respect: it is very, very rich in life forms.  In fact, it is considered among the world’s four richest countries in biological diversity.     This means that there are probably more animal and plant species here than in any other country on the planet regardless of size.  Our avifauna is particularly rich:  1876 species of birds and counting (since year 2000, five new species have been discovered by science and more are expected), more than any other country.   The staggering biodiversity of Colombia is not difficult to understand if you consider its geography: tropical rainforests; Andean mountains; tropical glaciers; vast plains, coasts on two oceans with mangroves, coral reef islands and atolls; deserts and a myriad of rivers and streams.  All happening under the tropical sun in  an area smaller than twice the state of Texas.  This means there are endless  possibilities for adventures and exploration in Colombia.
Colombia is Amazonian, Caribbean, Andean, Pacific, savannah, desert, and endless possibilities
Colombia’s Biodiversity,
the Richest on the Planet